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Hi I’m Kim

For as long as I can remember, I had always been extremely self-conscious of my breast size and appearance but always thought that reduction surgery was too expensive to even …

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Hi I’m Naomi

I had always been self-conscious about the size of my nose, and I knew having a Rhinoplasty was something I was always going to do! I sat on this thought …

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alicia img - Patient Journeys - 6

Hi I’m Alicia

No matter what Alicia chose to wear from a crop top or a dress, going to the gym or going for a surf, we wanted her to be confident. Past …

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kerryanne img - Patient Journeys - 8

Hi I’m Kerry-Anne

Determined to make a change in late 2019, she didn’t just stop at her consultation with Dr. Broadhurst; 50 kilos later, she was back. At her second consultation, she discussed …

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britt img - Patient Journeys - 10

Hi I’m Britt

Two kids later and a few kilos down, Britt was left feeling like her breasts were not the same as they were prior to having children. At her consultation in …

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lauren img - Patient Journeys - 12

Hi I’m Lauren

Ten years later, after her initial consultation with another plastic surgeon, Lauren felt that it was time. Consultation booked in February 2020 where she expressed her difficulty breathing as it …

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sami img - Patient Journeys - 14

Hi I’m Sami

Frustrated with always needing to wear two bras at the gym and limited wardrobe options to suit, she was relieved and enthusiastic to discuss her new breasts with Dr. Broadhurst. …

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maddison img - Patient Journeys - 16

Hi I’m Maddison

In May of 2020, during Queensland’s lockdown Maddison had her initial virtual consultation. She advised Dr. Andrew Broadhurt her only concern was the volume of her breasts and their shape. …

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larisa img - Patient Journeys - 18

Hi I’m Larissa

When Larisa came to her initial consultation January of 2020, she presented with a developmental deformity of her breasts, known as Tuberous Breast syndrome. She informed Dr. Broadhurst she felt …

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