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March 2021


Learn more about abdominoplasty with Dr Andrew Broadhurst

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Hi I’m Alicia

No matter what Alicia chose to wear from a crop top or a dress, going to the gym or going for a surf, we wanted her to be confident. Past fitness model and mother Alicia dedicated to her fitness and diet struggled to tighten and tone her stomach. At her initial consultation in May of 2019 she expressed her low self-esteem stemming from excess skin around her lower abdomen despite her commitment to training and diet for years.

Tired of overtraining with no results and lower back pain, she was ready for her abdominoplasty. Fearless to wear that bikini again with her surgery in September of 2019. Dr. Broadhurst carried out a routine skin excision where he successfully removed 460 grams.

We are ecstatic to hear that Alicia was quick to buy new activewear for her debut back at cross fit to tone and sculpt the body she knew she wanted. She was overjoyed not to have to train as hard and no longer suffered from back pain, which subsequently meant her posture had improved immensely.