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Dr. Andrew Broadhurst is committed to providing you with both a professional and realistic approach to your surgery to ensure that your expectations are met. Our plastic surgery simulator is free to use. Our simulator allows you to provide Dr. Andrew Broadhurst at the time of your consultation what your expectations are so we are able to understand the main focal points required for your procedure and provide you with realistic expectations.


The intended purpose of this tool is to help you visualise difference cosmetic procedures. It does not take place of a consultation with Dr. Andrew Broadhurst. The photos you produce on our simulator are for illustrative purposes only. They do not guarantee an actual surgical outcome. Dr. Andrew Broadhurst will be able to evaluate your expectations and provide you with realistic views as it depends on your unique facial structure.

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Discover your new you for free during a consultation with one of our official Crisalix surgeons by searching in our directory, or use the worldwide leading 3D plastic surgery application to simulate yourself from the comfort of your own home.