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Motiva’s “Safety through innovation” perfectly captures the commitment of Establishment Labs, the manufacture of Motiva Implants, with their years of breast implant research, innovation and development have yielded a product line that meets the needs of even the most discerning patients.

Motiva elasticity video 01, BPS

Motiva Implant Elasticity 02, BPS

Motiva’s Smoothsilk/Silksurface is designed to:

  • Minimise inflammation and improve interaction with your body’s tissue (biocompatibility)
  • Enable easier implant insertion for minimal scarring
  • Limit the risk of double capsules and late seroums
  • Based on Publishes clinical results)

Motiva implant 01

Motiva breast implant 02, BPS Brisbane

The gel that is used to fill your implants affects how the implant will feel, look and behave once it is in your body. Motiva Implants® are available in two different silicone gels, which allow us to personalise your results.

Which is why we chose Motiva®

  1. Less than 1% Complication Rate
  2. Designed to move naturally with you
  3. Bend, don’t worry about rupture
  4. Exclusive barrier layer
  5. Implant information at your hand
  6. Personalised surgeries, personalised results