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Breast Augmentation: Mondors Cords

A few weeks post Breast Augmentation, you may notice “cord” like vertical bumps through the skin below the fold under your breast. These are referred to as ‘Mondor’s Cords’. They are not painful but can sometimes feel tender to touch and be uncomfortable. They are not particularly common and are really just of nuisance value.

Please be assured that these ‘cords’ are harmless and temporary.

During your Breast Augmentation Surgery, incisions are made in the inframammary fold (under the breast), and vessels are cut; Dr. Andrew Broadhurst uses an electrocautery pen to cauterise tissue and mitigate any bleeding that may occur. This means that the blood can no longer flow through some of the superficial veins. These clots are not the same as deep vein thrombosis or blood clots that can be harmful, rather causing a local and mild inflammatory reaction within the veins. This is when the veins become apparent and visible through the skin.

What’s the advised course of treatment for Mondors Cords?

If you notice signs or symptoms of Mondors Cords, please let Dr Andrew Broadhurst and his nurses know at the time of your post-op check. These clots will naturally break down and be absorbed by the body, resulting in the cord-like appearance disappearing on its own. Please note this can take several weeks to a few months. Please be assured that these ‘cords’ are harmless and temporary.