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Is Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery Covered by Medicare

If you’re looking into mastopexy, also known as breast lift, Medicare coverage might come into question. Will Medicare cover your mastopexy surgery? Well, the answer might not be the same for everyone.

It’s important to think about the costs involved in your surgery before you go ahead. For this reason, we are giving an overview of the things you’ll need to know about surgical mastopexy costs and whether Medicare might provide coverage. Costs can be impacted by a variety of factors, and being aware of these will help enable you to make decisions wisely.

When it comes to costs, cheaper is certainly not always better. The main priority should be your health and well-being, even if this means choosing a more costly but well-qualified surgeon. Dr Broadhurst in Brisbane is here to help guide and inform you of your options, including whether Medicare might cover a portion of your surgical costs in your case.

What kind of surgery does Medicare cover?

In general, Medicare only provides coverage for surgeries that are performed for medical purposes. Plastic surgery usually falls into two categories: cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic surgery is performed for people who are undergoing “elective” surgery due to reasons of personal preference – their surgery is not considered medically required. Such surgeries are generally something that is not needed for any medical reason and are therefore not covered by Medicare.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery typically refers to procedures that are done to correct some kind of physical deformity due to injury, trauma, disease, or some other kind of medical condition. These are the kinds of surgeries that are more often covered, in part and in certain cases, by Medicare.

When it comes to mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift, Medicare may provide some assistance. However, this is only under certain circumstances and if the patient meets certain requirements. Let’s discuss the aspects of mastopexy costs and the things you’ll need to consider.

What’s involved in mastopexy costs?

In order to understand whether you’re eligible for a Medicare rebate for your mastopexy (breast lift), we first need to discuss the costs involved in surgery.

Surgical costs vary and can only be determined through a consultation with a plastic surgeon.. The complexity of the surgery required for your individual needs will affect the cost of your surgery.
The following things will also need to be factored into your surgical plan in order to then determine the costs:

  • Surgeon’s fee– This fee will be based on the experience and qualifications of your chosen surgeon. Opting for a cheaper surgeon may be tempting, but the skill of an experienced surgeon will be greatly valuable in terms of lowering the risk of complications, which is present in every surgery.
  • Anaesthetist– Surgery involves the skill of an anaesthetist to help with pain management. This might include a general anaesthesia, which means patients are asleep for the duration of their procedure.
  • Facilities– Then there is the cost of the equipment and hospital facilities. Every properly qualified surgeon will make use of a properly accredited facility that is equipped with everything needed to encourage a successful operation.

Your surgeon will take the above points into account, along with personal factors that pertain to your specific surgery, when outlining the costs of your mastopexy. Once you have an idea of the purpose, goals, details, and cost of your mastopexy or breast lift, Medicare rebates can be the next topic of discussion.

Will Medicare cover my costs for mastopexy (breast lift) surgery?

It’s important to know that virtually every kind of plastic surgery comes with out-of-pocket costs. Even if you qualify for a Medicare rebate, it will not cover the entire surgical fee. You should expect to pay at least a portion of the costs from your own pocket.

Many plastic surgeons may offer payment plans, and this is something you can ask about at your consultation.

That being said, for mastopexy breast lift, Medicare may provide rebates for people whose surgery falls under the category of medically necessary due to health concerns. To qualify for this, a patient has to meet certain criteria. For example, the following are needed if you want to qualify for a Medicare item number for mastopexy surgery:

  • A significant degree of breast ptosis
  • At least two-thirds of the breast tissue below the infra-mammary fold
  • Clinical documentation
  • A valid medical referral

A Medicare number will only be applicable if the patient has a valid referral from a qualified medical practitioner and meets certain criteria. If cosmetic concerns alone are your reason for getting mastopexy or breast lift, Medicare will not cover it.

These are some of the important things to keep in mind if you think you might be eligible for help from Medicare towards your breast procedure. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, a medical professional can assess your condition and advise you further.

Why choose Dr Broadhurst for breast lift mastopexy in Brisbane

When it comes to the cost of your mastopexy breast lift, Medicare may factor into the equation. Since every patient’s situation and needs are different, it’s important that you’re getting your information from a reliable source. A well-trained and knowledgeable plastic surgeon will be able to guide you through your options and give you the information you need for your specific circumstances.

Contacting a certified plastic surgeon such as Dr Andrew Broadhurst can be of great help to you in the planning of your surgery. He is able to provide reliable guidance, informed by years-worth of experience in the industry, and tailor the information to your own needs and surgical goals. Consultations are obligation-free and valuable to potential patients who want to understand their options and the surgical costs involved.

For more details about what you can expect, contact our qualified and experienced Brisbane Plastic Surgeon, Dr Broadhurst.